Tools for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Web Directory

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Domain Checker

Check a wide variety of domain TLDs with this easy to use, clever domain checker

Website Value Calculator

Website Value Checker is a free tool to check the estimated value of a website based on Google PageRank, DMoz, Alexa Ranking, Google Links, Backlinks, Yahoo Links etc

Website Analysis and Search Engine Optimization Tool

Shows SEO performance of a website including and tips for optimizing for Search Engines

Google and Bing Keyword Position Checker

Check you SERP position for the given keywords, and then analyze the competition for ideas on improving your SERP position

LSI Keyword Tool

Keyword Tool that suggests keywords, keyphrases and long tail search terms. Find keywords for your website or for PPC.

Backlink Checker

With this tool you can check the inbound links for a domain. Compare Pagerank, Alexa, Page Position and check for the "nofollow" flag. Seperates the multiple pages into domains to make it easier to count

Reciprocal Backlink Checker

Check to see if a site is really linking back to you. Check the anchor, pagerank etc.

Whois Lookup

Whois Lookup by domain name or IP Address. Find contact details by querying the whois server for many differents TLDs

Downloads Coming Soon!

Joomla Components and Templates. MySQL Data and PHP Functions. Some free, some paid.

Expiring Domains

Check for keyword rich domains that are expiring soon. These domains may already have traffic and backlinks

String Functions

Manipulate a string using common JavaScript and PHP Functions. MD5 string, Reverse string, ToUpperCase, ToLowerCase, Base64_Encode