Website Analysis and Analytics

How To Optimize My Website for Search Engines

This tool analyzes a given page and returns common bugs and SEO mistakes for each page.

Show Stop Words

How To Use...

Enter your website, check that important pages have got a keyword rich title - the first four or five words should be the main keywords for your page, avoid stop words and your domain name because you will most likely rank for your domain at some point.

A meta description and keywords will help as well - even though they are not as important as they use to be, they are still used by Yahoo and Bing. You shouldn't just concentrate on optimizing your page for Google and forget about the other search engines.

Each page should have between 500 and 1000 words per page to rank well, search engines like text but not too much that your user will give up reading.

Internal and External Links...

Displays a list of links, seperated into internal URLs and external URLs, dofollow links are showed with a green arrow and nofollow links are seen with a red arrow. Clicking on the arrow will take you to that page on the web, if you click on the link next to this it will analyze that page. You should perhaps start off from your home page and click through to other pages and test your navigation through out your site, making sure search engines can reach important pages with at least two clicks.

You shouldn't have any nofollow links for your internal URLs, PageRank sculpting will not work any more and instead you will be wasting PageRank from your overall domain PageRank - unless they are dead ends (i.e. a automatic generated PDF file copied from the original content).

The links are showed by number found, descending - the more times you link to the page, the more important that this link is to search engines and to this analyzer.

Future Improvements

The site analyzer is being extended all the time. If you have any suggestions for improving the effectiveness of this (or bugs - don't forget to state where you have found the error), drop us a email and we will try to include it or fix it.